Girls Talk (Ko-So Cafe, Urth Caffe, Ouca)



We had some girl talk over some healthy vegetarian lunch at Ko-So Cafe in Ebisu. I saw this on the Japanese Elle magazine and was really interested in going because a) I’m not a meat eater b) There aren’t many vegetarian restaurants in Japan so I jump onto every vegetarian restaurant I see.  I ordered vegetable curry with multi-grain rice. It was absolutely delicious!I highly recommend it to other veggie people out there in Tokyo, and even carnivores too!SONY DSC

After lunch we walked to Urth Caffe in Daikanyama because we had sweet cravings. And of course, we ordered their famous bubble tea. I ordered the moroccan mint tea boba with soy milk. This place never fails to let me down.


After talking for hours about our lives and reminiscing about our high school days, we parted and I decided to walk back home since it’s only about a 30 minute walk away. Walking in Tokyo is so exciting because there’s many stores that I just browse through. I was feeling a little peckish, and remembered that Ouca had limited edition Japanese sweet potato ice cream sundae that only comes out during the winter.

Ouca is an ice cream restaurant that serves Japanese flavors such as black sesame, matcha green tea, yuzu, karinto, sweet potato, kinako, and many more!

So since this place was located on the way home, right next to Ebisu station, I went in and ordered a pre-dinner snack. Sweet potato with karinto ice cream, and hoji tea to go with it.

But I have to say that the black sesame flavor is my all time favorite!