Brick Lane Coffee

Brick Lane Coffee, great place to grab coffee in London. I used to live around this area when I studied abroad so Brick Lane is like home to me. And a huge plus that they… Continue reading

Dino BBQ

I spent 3 years being a pescetarian, but last year I decided that I will try meat when it comes to experiencing new/famous/popular food. Maybe once a month, or not even that often.… Continue reading

Ladurée (Tokyo)

I’m a huge fan of macarons because they’re so colorful and fit on the palm of your hand. And whenever I think of macarons, I think of Ladurèe. Every time I go pass Ladurèe,… Continue reading

Pancake Days (Harajuku)

I’ve been seeing queues every now and then in front of  Pancake Days, located in one of the cute narrow streets of  Harajuku. After I did some shopping this day, I decided to… Continue reading

Lindt Chocolate Cafe (Shibuya)

I often go to Shibuya with my friends to grab food, whether it is lunch or dinner, because there are so many options. It’s the mecca of  food, shopping, bars and everything else… Continue reading

Trip to Shizuoka!

Last August I had the opportunity to visit Shizuoka with my co-workers, and I got to eat fresh seafood! The Sapporo beer they served us was in a special Shizuoka beer bottle .… Continue reading

Spongebob Rice Krispy Treats

I’m a huge fan of Pintrest, and stumbled upon cute Spongebob Rice Krispy treats! So I’ve decided to recreate them in my kitchen. Just some rice puffs, marshmallows, chocolate and patience!

Cafe Kaila

The pancake industry in Japan has been growing tremendously each year…And I love it! This “Pancake Boom” brought my attention to the importance of pancakes, and made me encourage to experience as many… Continue reading

Cream filled Éclairs

I baked delicious cream filled eclair’s last summer, following Dulce Delight’s recipe 🙂 This was the first time I ever made a pâte choux and it was a huge success. Though I may… Continue reading

Nutella Cupcake

Love Rouge Bakery’s (Leeds, UK) Nutella Cupcake!