Sunday Lunch

Now that I’ve got my exams over with, I can happily eat ’til my hearts content and write on this blog. Last Sunday I decided to take a break from all the studying… Continue reading

Baking: Macaroons

As you may or may not know, I love baking. LOVE BAKING. My friends and I have what we call “Bake Sesh” every time we see each other during the holidays. We head… Continue reading

Shake Shack

Since I don’t eat out often during the semester, I thought I’d blog about some places I’ve eaten before. During my spring break in 2011, I spent a few days in Manhattan with… Continue reading


Who would have thought that Dublin would have great food? Living in England for a few months, I had an impression that UK in general doesn’t have ‘good food.’ Just amazing bakeries. But… Continue reading


Let me start out by saying that Geneva is the most expensive city I’ve been to. The value of money is totally different over there. Spending about 15 CHF (Swiss Franks, approx. $15)… Continue reading


Oh Venice, I’ve fallen head-over-heels for this place. This pretty little city is located on water(which was SO blue), so everyone travels on boats. There were a lot of narrow streets and bridges… Continue reading


After Barcelona we visited Rome. Pizza, pasta, bread, gelato…So much great food in this country! Every restaurant we stepped foot in served free bread before our actual meal, and I honestly don’t think… Continue reading


While I’ve been studying in Leeds this semester, I’ve been very fortunate to travel around Europe during Easter break. The one thing I love about traveling is to experience the different kinds of… Continue reading